Robin in the Woods Slots

How appropriate is it that a software games developer by the name of Arrow's Edge has released a game called Robin in the Woods Slots? After all, the Prince of Thieves is well-known as an incomparable marksmen with the bow and arrow. As such, you can already tell what this game is all about: Robin and his band of merry benevolent thieves and their safehouse in the depths of Sherwood Forest, from which they launch attacks on the rich and give to the poor. If you grew up in the West or the East, then you have surely seen Robin Hood in various movies and on television series. Him and his crew have certainly been lionized, and now they have a Video Slot to further push forward their name.

The first thing you'll notice is that there's a lack of proper names in this game - apparently, Robin Hood, himself, is trademarked and cannot be used frivolously. But if you look closely, you can tell that the characters are meant to represent those guys.They're all spread about in this 5 reel, 40 payline video slot that has a Progressive Jackpot and a theme straight out of the Middle Ages in Europe. You have plenty of coin sizes from which to choose, too, and can start on the very low end with $0.02 if you please. The most you can bet per line is $6.00, which comes out to a lot if you play every single payline. This strategy is recommended so that you increase your chances of winning as much as possible - just choose a smaller coin size if betting money is an issue.

Although their names are not listed, you'll certainly recognize the Sheriff of Nottingham, who was always after Robin Hood and his band of men, as well as the lovely village girl Mad Marian, after whom Robin Hood lusted. The debonair slinger, himself, is also on the reels of course, and serves as a high paying symbol. Robin in the Woods slot really took pains to avoid having to pay royalties for this game - but it doesn't take away from how fun it is, or the very real money you can win. The other symbols on the reels are from the table game, poker. There's also a treasure chest, Robin Hood Wild symbol, bag of gold, soldiers and more.

The games lone Bonus Feature is called the Locked Vault Feature. Using a maximum bet of $240, you can make this slot really work for you. Download today and play your heart out with Robin in the Woods Slots.