Double Sixteen Slots

Double Sixteen Slots is a classic slot game with two slots in one. The top slot game is a fruity slot and at the bottom there is another slot that is all fruity but includes a treasure chest. There are also 10 Meter Windows at the top right of the slot and at the bottom there is a Double Sixteen window showing all the symbols and their payouts. There are 8 reels and 32 pay lines by Betsoft.

The coin values are listed below the reels so you can choose from 5, 10, 20, and 40 coins per spin. The wager you chose will dictate the number of pay lines you bet on. A five-coin bet secures four pay lines, while a 10-coin bet could win you prizes on up to eight pay lines. The 20- and 40-coin bets allow for wagers on 16 or 32 pay lines.

This is an old-style slot game that only requires matching the appropriate symbols to win the relevant prizes. There are no wilds, scatters or any bonus games at all. This game has been designed to appeal to lovers of the classic one-armed bandits. This is an uncommon game that presents you with way more reels and lines than you'd usually get in a traditional slot game.