Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots

Betsoft's brand new Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slot is a new one of a kind game. This is a multiplayer game where you will play with up to 6 other players in a room of your choice. There're no reels instead you'll be taking on a shooting experience and your shots will replace the usual wagers. You will embark on an action-packed, multiplayer adventure where the curse of Ra has been awoken and now it is up to you to take down his army, so you can get to the treasures. There are no bonuses in this game, except for the interactive shooting experience. The top prize is 5000x the cost per bullet. Bet anywhere from a penny up to a quarter. Play on your desktop or mobile device.

You win by hitting the enemies so every bullet that you fire at the army will either payout or trigger a special feature. If you miss, the bullet will either ricochet until it finds a target or return to the chamber along with its bet. You will explore the rooms and search for the treasures, all the while embarking upon some ghastly enemies and building up your arsenal of weapons that are certain to include plasma guns, laser rifles, machine guns, grenades, and shotguns. You'll get to customize your own Avatar and select a Game Room, then you'll proceed to buy your bullets and weapons. Each special weapon will come with an increased potential of destroying an enemy target and of unlocking a higher payout from the defeated enemy.

Watch for the colossal God Event bosses and fiery Reborn Mummies who will show up out of nowhere and offer huge cash prizes or collectible treasures. During a God Event a Pharaoh God will appear which all players in the room will be able to destroy together. Once he is defeated, players will get a huge treasure chest with collectable treasure as well as cash prizes. The prizes will be dispersed to players based on the number of shots they fired during the round that lead up to the God Event.

Here's what you will see in terms of symbols, a Crimson Bataanta, an Emerald Bataanta, a Golden Tomb Scrabbler, a Risen Fire Mummy, a Risen Fire Scarab, a Scarab Hatchling, a Shadow Scarab, a Tahawy Warrior, a Wrapped Minion, a Wrapped Shadow guard, and a Wrapped Spirit guard. There is also a leaderboard linked to Max Quest, and those that rank highest will earn cash. During game play, you will be awarded Experience Points which will increase your player level and improve your rank.