A Christmas Carol Slots

Charles Dickens wrote some great novels. Some of them are famous enough that you'll recognize the titles even if you haven't read them. A Christmas Carol is one such novel. Arguably the most famous one of all, it has inspired many a movie and TV series. It has also inspired Betsoft to develop this slot game of the same name.

Reels and lines

This part of the game will be as familiar as the story. Five reels and 25 lines are presented.

Which coins can you play with?

Choose up to five coins to play on every line. Each coin is valued from two cents apiece to a maximum of a dollar.

Special icons appearing in A Christmas Carol

Wilds don't appear in the normal way. Instead, you must find three Christmas Present symbols. Whenever this occurs, all ghosts on the reels in that spin change into wilds.

You might spot a turkey though, and if so this will be used as a regular wild. So, all is not lost if those Christmas Present symbols don't appear.

Are there bonuses to be won?

The Christmas Past and Christmas Future icons can win you some free games. Three Past icons trigger three Past spins. If you find four or five Christmas Past icons, the number of spins is increased to six or 12 respectively. The same applies if you get three, four, or five Christmas Future icons, as these will unlock the Christmas Future free spins.

You might think the quantity of spins is small. It is when compared to other games, but with that said you are guaranteed to win something on every spin. So, if you can find five triggering symbols, you can look forward to 12 prizes at least, with one or more awarded on every spin. Now, that sounds far better, don't you think?

Download and try A Christmas Carol in slot form today

This game benefits from 3D imagery to take us into Scrooge's world as Christmas approaches. You must be familiar with the story, which makes for lots of fun as you spot the various ghosts popping up.

The quality of the game is outstanding. In fact, we would say this is one of our favorite festive slots to play each year. It is that enjoyable, you could play it in the middle of summer and it wouldn't matter!