Star Slots

Well, we cannot award you a prize for guessing this slot game takes you into space. The title gives that much away. But what else might be lying in wait for us in the Star Slots game?

This is a sci-fi slot where you can expect to see aliens of all kinds, alongside spaceships and planets. Will you find prizes hiding among the stars? Let's find out what is included in the Star Slots game.

Reels and lines

This game is familiar in this area at least, with five reels bringing us 20 lines to bet on.

Coins to choose from

Choose your lines and then select a coin worth between two cents and twelve dollars to place on each one.

Star Slots symbols to look for

The guy in the spacesuit is a spinning wild. He replaces everything, even the other special icons included in Star Slots. The wild must appear in a winning line or a triggering pattern to unlock the spinning wild part of the game. It provides you with a multiplier worth x1, x2, or x3 at random.

The scatter is a woman called Crystaley, while the bonus is a man with a long white beard called Tobias. The wild might appear in a triggering pattern for either of these features. If so, the multiplier will determine what happens next.

Can you find a bonus feature or two?

Firstly, you could win some free spins with the help of three scatters. These bring you 10 free games. If a wild is involved in the trigger, the multiplier value determines whether you get 10, 20, or 30 free games.

Meanwhile, three bonus Tobias symbols trigger the bonus feature. This is the Training Scene Bonus. You also get this if a triggering wild results in a 1x multiplier. However, if the triggering wild shows you a 2x or a 3x multiplier, you will unlock the Fighting Scene or the Space Battle bonus respectively.

Download, play, and try to win with Star Slots today!

There is way more to this slot than you may at first realize. With three potential bonuses and three lots of free spins to try and win, you may soon want to play Star Slots for a long time! Head into the stars today to see if the characters in this game will help you scoop some awesome wins.