Captain Cash Slots

That is a question we are going to answer for you right here. Captain Cash sounded like a superhero-style slot game when we first saw that title. However, we were soon proven incorrect when we loaded the game to give it a try. It soon revealed a pirate theme instead.

This might be a well-trodden theme, and the game itself may be an older one in their collection. However, we think it has enough to make it worth a try if you are keen to look at a 2D slot to show you where Betsoft has come from. Are you ready to take to the seas?

Formatting of reels and paylines

Were you thinking of a five-reel slot with dozens of paylines? We hope not, as you might be disappointed. Instead, you're going to get three reels, although you do at least get five lines to bet on here.

Possible wagers

It's not a penny slot, but it is the next best thing - a two-penny slot. You can look at playing with other coin values instead, and there is a chance to play up to five coins per line too.

Captain Cash special symbols

This is a small slot, so there aren't too many features involved. Captain Cash does pop up though, and when he does he serves the role of a wild. The idea is that you could get two identical symbols on the line, and if Captain Cash appears in the third position, you'll get a three-symbol prize for that line-up.

Other pirating symbols also make appearances here. You can see a treasure map, a chest filled (we hope) with treasure, and the famous flag with a skull-and-crossbones design on it too.

Possible bonuses to play

The best you can hope for is to win the jackpot. As you might guess, Captain Cash is responsible for dishing that out. Find him in three positions on a paid line and you will get 1,000 coins… but only if you played five coins on the line when the combination struck. If not, you still get 750 coins, so all is not lost.

Download and play the Captain Cash slot today

Pirate captains aren't always friendly, but Captain Cash certainly is. If you can find him whenever you play this slot game, you could end up winning some appealing prizes with his assistance. Imagine how profitable that could be.