Hidden Loot Slots

Loot is a good word to spot when you're looking at slot game titles. It suggests there is some cash to be found, or maybe some treasure. When it is hidden, you might find yourself going in search of it as part of the theme of that slot. So, with the title Hidden Loot in store for us in this Betsoft slot, have we struck gold?

Reels and lines

This isn't a large game, instead bringing us three reels to spin rather than five. There are three paylines too though, rather than limiting things to one.

Which coins can you play with?

While this is not strictly a penny slot, you do get the next best thing with a two-cent coin to use. If you want to play more than one coin per line you can do, with a maximum of five on offer. The biggest coin to work with is worth 50 cents.

Hidden Loot special icons

Did you guess at a pirate theme? If so, you are proven correct. That means you won't be amazed to see a pirate on the reels, appearing here as a substitute symbol. While some slots don't allow the wild to replace everything, this one does.

Various other symbols represent other classic icons within a pirate game. A skull and crossbones flag, some gems, and the ships the pirates travel in are all included here.

Are there bonuses to be won?

If you locate three game logos on a line, you can progress through to the bonus feature. Try and locate the correct number of gems in the first round. The first round, we hear you ask? Yes, because there are three to play in all if you can. The pirate is quite helpful, but you must evade the skeletons as they will end your progress.

Download and play the Hidden Loot slot today

For a three-reel slot, this one is more entertaining than you may have originally thought. There is some hidden loot to be found if you go through to that bonus feature, which is probably one of the best bonuses we've seen in a slot game. If you are eager to find out more, try your luck by playing a few spins of Hidden Loot today. You can always start with the demo version to see if you like it. If you do, you know what to do next.