World Leaders Slots: Claim the Power of Jackpots and Wilds

World Leaders Slots is a game of many gifts and pleasures, all of which prove to be distinctive in the slot game genre through the highly original representation of the political theme. The gamblers will come across drawn depictions of world leaders, both familiar and not and a background similar to that of a giant tribune, from which the nations of the world can be addressed. In your case, however, you won't be making crucial decisions about the fate of the world, but rather about the fate of your wallet and you can be sure some drastic changes for good will commence following a full game of World Leader Slots.

Bosses of the World Gambling Assembly

The gameplay of this brand new slot stretch across 5 reels in 3 rows and 18 paylines with a maximum bet of 250 dollars. Within that peculiar set of rules, you will witness numerous interesting symbols-from the faces of powerful leaders to iconic symbols of famous countries. Among these, there are three wild symbols. Each of them represents three of the greatest powers in this game and they are Great Britain, Russia and the United States. This is where the interesting part begins. Every 25 spins in this game will have a different wild symbol which will be taking the upper hand. When those 25 spins pass, the gambler will see a gigantic globe pop up on the screen and it will be spun, thus selecting the next wild symbol which will be active. Each of the three wilds is in possession of different useful effects. The British wild will multiply itself on the reels as soon as it appears which will result in spectacular earnings. The Russian one has the ability to award free spins during which the wild will change positions and by doing so it will complete various winning combinations. The US wild symbol is also gifted with the ability to expand although in its case the possibilities are three.

The Best Worldwide Deals

The bonus game (not the free spins) is called "Find Your Ally". It can be activated through the collection of three scatter symbols. As soon as you have fulfilled the requirement and you have entered the bonus round, a new screen will show up. It will depict something of a press-conference phone call, with 12 red phones at the center of it and four leaders at the top. Each of the 4 is ready to provide your country with a healthy payment and all that is required is a phone call. You have the ability to call anyone of the four and eventually the bonus game will end when an ally has been contacted three times. Another great political move, apart from working with other nations is depending on one of the three jackpots in the game. All three are progressive and go by the name of Super Slots Jackpot, Cash Garb Jackpot and the Mystery Jackpot. The worth of each of these superb awards will be depicted at the top part of the main screen of the game and it will rise continuously. When it reaches the required amount, the jackpot will be awarded to a player that is online at the appropriate time. The Super Slot one will be granted to the chosen player when it gets higher than 40 000 dollars and lower than 45 000 dollars. This is the biggest possible award of the game. Second place goes to the Mystery Jackpot which will be awarded to someone when the prize reaches 10 000 dollars. The smallest jackpot is the Cash Grab and you can expect that it is the one you are most likely to receive-it is paid out when it is higher than 2000 dollars and lower than 5000.

Make Your Way into Politics Unforgettable

You have undoubtedly heard that the financial life of a politician is nice but you most definitely haven't expected something quite like this. World Leaders Slots offers gigantic awards in the form of three jackpots and three wilds, all of which will make you feel so successful as if you are really for a while the leader of an entire industry.