Charms and Clovers Slots

Lots of online slot games prove to be charming to play, but this one mentions charms in the title. Are we talking about lucky charms here? It would seem so, since clover is mentioned as well. Clover - the four-leafed kind - is said to be lucky, so could you be in line for some lucky events and prizes if you give this Betsoft slot game a try?

Reels and lines

The first thing you'll notice with this game is the presence of five reels. However, there is another reel on the right of those, too. You get plenty of lines - 40 of them in total. And as if that wasn't enough, there are four rows of symbols appearing here.

Coin values in action

A two-cent coin is the lowest one available, so while it's not a penny slot, it's close enough. You can also go higher until you hit the dollar coin maximum. Surprisingly, up to five coins can be bet per line here, too.

Charms and Clovers symbols to watch out for

Look out for some golden four-leaf clovers here. These are labeled as wild, and they are good for substituting all the symbols that might appear on the main five reels. They won't replace anything on reel six, though.

The challenge is to create a mega win. You do this by lining up five matching icons on the main reel set and completing them by getting the same one on reel six.

Charms and Clovers bonus features

Four of these could be triggered, depending on what appears on reel six of the game. You must get four identical bonus icons to trigger that bonus. These icons are Pots of Gold, Mega Symbol, Money Wheel, and Golden Bonus.

The Money Wheel could be a huge winner for you if you get this one. That's because you might end up winning one of three progressive jackpots. These are shown above the reels, and they're always climbing in value… until someone triggers one.

Download and play Charms and Clovers slots now

This game is bigger and better than many other online slots. Betsoft has done a great job of developing this one, and while the main reels pack in lots of icons, you will be keeping an eye on that sixth reel too. If you're ready to play, we hope you get lucky playing Charms and Clovers slots today.