Around the World Slots

Have you ever been around the world? Few people have achieved this, yet it is easier to do today than ever before. The team at Arrows Edge has been inspired by the chance to travel around the world, bringing us this entertaining slot with lots of familiar sights included in it.

You'll recognize a few of the special icons appearing here. But will those icons help you secure some prizes?

Reels and paylines

There are five reels included here, giving us ample room to look for prizes on 25 paylines.

Coin values to choose from in Around the World

One cent is the cheapest coin to play with here. That means you can cover all the lines and only play a quarter in doing so. You can also head for $10 per line at most, giving you the $250 total bet.

Does this slot game include any special symbols?

It does, and one comes in the guise of the Statue of Liberty. She appears as the wild in this game. She can replace almost everything, the one exception being the Eiffel Tower. This iconic tower is used as a scatter symbol in this game.

You only need two Eiffel Towers to secure a scatter prize. Meanwhile, the Statue of Liberty comes with a 2x multiplier on anything it helps you win.

Are there any bonus features to unlock in Around the World slots?

Three scatters are required if you want to win 10 free games. Every prize won in these games will be worth three times the usual amount. You can also trigger further free games for finding three or more scatters once again.

If the Statue of Liberty appears on each of the middle three reels at once, you can play a bonus too. You will see a map with several destinations on it. Choose three destinations and find out what you could win.

Get ready to download and play Around the World Slots today

This is an impressive game with a theme that hasn't been overused. If you want to find out more, play Around the World slots today and see how many iconic locations you can recognize. Some might even bring you prizes. Wouldn't that be a great reward for taking a trip around this set of reels?

Arrows Edge has done well with this one. Will you do well too?