Animal Arcade Slots

Animal Arcade Slots

Animal Arcade is one of the most unique slot games we've ever tried and it feels more like roulette than a slot. If you're interested in trying out a new type of slot that doesn't use the standard reels mechanic, this is the one for you to try. As soon as we saw this Arrow's Edge creation we had to test it for ourselves. After a quick initial test play, we decided to write up a review of this slot game so everyone can see what it has to offer for themselves.

A Roulette Slot Game

We love what Arrow's Edge did with this slot game. It's designed to work just like a roulette game, only it's simpler to wager on than standard roulette. You set individual wagers based on the animal you think the selector will stop on. The wager you have set on a specific animal will determine what you win when it stops on that position. Place wagers on the animals you think are most likely to win and you could come away with some nice prize payouts. You should also pay close attention to the number of spots each of the different symbols occupy to determine which ones are the best pick and which should be avoided.

No Reels or Paylines

Unlike nearly every other slot game you've ever played, this one doesn't have reels or paylines. Instead, it has individual animals around a wheel that the selector moves through. Wagering means placing money on specific animals and you're free to wager on as many or as few animals as you like. Choose the animals you like best or pick your selection at random for a chance to win big.

A Unique Wagering System

This slot game has a very unique wagering setup where you can bet between $0.50 and $10.00 per animal that you want to wager on. There are a total of eight animals which means you could wager as much as $80.00 per spin. This is a poor wager though because you would lose money most of the time by betting on so many different animals.

A Confusing Paytable

All the pays for the animals are listed right at the bottom of the screen and on the ring of symbols themselves, but they are confusing at first glance. The values at the bottom of the screen are multipliers for the different animal symbols on the ring that don't have multipliers on their photos. In other words, the panda is worth x20 the wager amount if it's the plain panda symbol. If it's the panda symbol with an x2 on it it is only worth x2 the wager amount. The most valuable symbol is the plain tiger symbol that's worth x100 the wager amount that's set on the tiger, for a maximum payout of $1,000. The next most valuable is the x50 tiger symbol worth up to $500 with a maximum wager. The plain elephant is the next most valuable with an x40 value, followed by the plain lion with an x30 value. The payouts for this slot aren't huge, but they are good enough for the game to be exciting to play every single time.

A Single Free Spin

Anytime you land on the Free Spin space you'll enjoy one free spin for the next round without having to pay for it. This isn't an exciting prize win because it just gives you another chance to unlock a win after not winning anything that round. It's still something to watch out for though and can help you get closer to a prize win more often.

Win More with the Double Win Feature

The Double Win feature is our favorite and it's unlocked by getting the selector to land on the Double Win space. When the selector stops there you unlock a free spin with two different selectors. These selectors travel in opposite directions and determine two different prize payouts for the next round.

We Love this Game: Our Rating

After fully testing out this slot game and all its features, we can't help but love it. It's so much different than any other slot we've ever played that we had to keep testing it out. Although the prize payouts aren't huge, and the game is simple to play, it's still an excellent gambling experience overall. Give it a try yourself to see whether you like it for yourself or not. We give it a 3.8 out of 5-star rating for its unique features and nice look.

Decent Wins but Nothing Crazy

The top win is limited to just $2,000 and that's if you get the double win feature and then land on the highest paying symbol with the highest wager on it with both of your selectors. This won't happen often but you can unlock different $1,000 prize payouts or a $5,000 prize payout more easily in this slot. There are several ways to win big and that makes this game worth trying at least once.

Fun Play or Real Money Wagering are Possible

You can play for real money or for fun with this online slot game. To swap between the two options just choose whether you want to run it in Demo mode or not. If you want to figure out how the game works and get a feel for it, try it in Demo mode to get familiar with the features. Once you are familiar you can swap over to real money mode and start playing for some big wins.

Excellent Mobile Play on Most Devices

It's easy to wager on the go with this slot game, you just have to load up the casino on your smartphone's web browser and click on the game to start playing it. Once you've done that you are ready to start playing almost immediately.

We have to recommend Animal Arcade to every single online gambler because of its unique design and gameplay mechanics. That doesn't mean that everyone will like this slot though. Plenty of people won't enjoy their time with the game. Some will find it too dull and others will find it too complex. You should test it for yourself though to decide whether it's a good fit for you or not.